Classes & Special Worshops


Classes and Special Workshops

No need to bring a partner.  We warmly welcome complete beginners as well as more advanced students!

Our courses and classes are carefully curated so that you can rapidly improve your dancing.

NB: All Classes include FREE entry to our social Milonga from 8pm till 11pm in the Main room (and occasional Upper room for special Tango Nuevo nights). 

All our classes (and milonga) take place on Wednesday evenings at 4-6 London Bridge Street (London, SE1 9SG).

We have two rooms.

Upper Room:

7pm – 8pm: Beginners Level (i.e. level 1) class
**Drop-in: £12
**8-week Progressive Course: £63, Saving 35%
**See below for starting dates

8pm – 9pm: Improvers Level (i.e. level 2) class
**Drop-in: £12
**24-week Progressive Course
**Each 8-week block: £72, Saving 25%
**See below for starting dates

9pm – 11pm: Pure Nuevo Milonga
This is organised occasionally and as such will not be on every Wednesday. When our Pure Nuevo Milonga is on, you will not have to pay any additional fees to access it, as it is always included in our entry fees.

Main Room:

7pm – 8pm: Intermediate/Advanced Level (i.e. level 3) class
**Drop-in: £12
**Ongoing classes with international teachers
**Each 8-week block: £72, Saving 25%
**See below for starting dates

8pm – 11pm: Milonga (social dancing)
**Drop-in: £9
**Free if attending classes/courses.

You can find information on our weekly Milonga plan and DJs on our Facebook TangoBridgeUK group; look us up!

Additional Options

Do two Drop-In Classes during the same evening for the same person
(Beginners+Improvers or Improvers+Intermediates) for £18, Saving 25%.

Book two Courses to be taken in parallel by the same person (Beginners+Improvers or Improvers+Intermediates) for £115, Saving 40%.

All Savings are compared to individual Drop-in prices.

Course Start Dates for 2020

All our courses and blocks start on specific dates throughout the year.
Here’s the list of start dates for 2020.

**Block 1, Wednesday 08th Jan – 26th Feb
**Block 2, Wednesday 04th Mar – 22nd Apr (29th Apr, Special workshop)
**Block 3, Wednesday 06th May – 24th Jun
**Block 4, Wednesday 01st Jul – 19th Aug (26th Aug, Special workshop)
**Block 5, Wednesday 02nd Sep – 21st Oct
**Block 6, Wednesday 28th Oct – 16th Dec

Closed during Christmas week and New Year’s week.

Underlined dates include a completely FREE beginners taster class, 6.50pm to 8pm. Pre-booking your place to the free taster classes is possible via EventBrite from approximately one month before each taster date.

Special Workshops and Events

Wednesday 29th Apr 2020: Special 90-minute workshop,
Canyengue – Tango before Tango“.
Wednesday 26th Aug 2020: Special 90-minute workshop,
Canyengue – Tango before Tango“.

The unique and exclusive series of Canyengue workshops
“Canyengue – Tango before Tango” will be interspersed throughout the year,
and dates and venues will be announced from time to time.
Canyengue workshops and classes are provided by TangoConnect.
For more information call Antonio on:

All our Special Workshops are only £18 for a full 90-minutes class, 6:45pm till 8:15pm. Reserved spaces are limited to 30 leaders and 30 followers only. You can pre-book your place as a leader or as a follower via EventBrite. All workshops are open-level, and therefore suitable for all dancers. Social dancing after the class, as always, is included in the price until 11pm.

We are pleased to announce that we now accept card payments at the door! Cash payments still welcome too!

If you have any questions, please contact us here