What our students say about us

After two courses in another tango academy my partner and I realised that we know lots of steps but neither can move synchronously, nor can create a fluid sequence of steps during the dance. We visited about 4 (!) taster sessions in different places. All of them had professional dancers who showed tango steps in light and large gyms’ studios. However, only here the teachers had absolutely unexpected, brilliant techniques that helped to feel a partner and the music before making tango steps. This is something that is really essential and difficult to explain, and this is something that only brilliant teachers can help with!
Additional bonuses:
– location (next to the station in the city centre),
– atmosphere (it’s a dance club, so prepare yourself for a relaxing, intimate light on the dance floor)
– students (mix of intelligent people from 20 to 50 y.o.)
– great price!
[Marta V, London]

I have recently done classes with Antonio Riva, tango teacher ‘extraordinaire’, and it has been an exhilarating experience. Not only because I learned so much about the history of tango itself but because every lesson was taught by Antonio with passion and dedication to detail. The importance of style, poise and posture was a constant reminder in order to move confidently on to the next level. ‚ÄčThank you, Antonio and a huge ‘thank you’ to his partner Katherine too for her invaluable tips given during lessons.‚Äč
[Carlos M, London]