“The friendliest and most welcoming milonga in London, by far”

Every Wednesday night at 4-6 London Bridge Street (London, SE1 9SG).

8pm – 11pm – Main Room (Traditional, with possible Nuevo)

9pm – 11pm – Upper Room (pure Nuevo, occasionally)

£9 Drop-in  (Free if you did a class!)

Check our Facebook TangoBridgeUK group for more information on the Milonga weekly plan and DJs.

“Milonga” is a term for a place or an event where tango is danced. People who frequently go to milongas are sometimes called milongueros and milongueras. The term “milonga” can also refer to a musical genre or a style of dance related to tango.

The music played at a milonga is mainly tango, vals and milonga (as the musical genre). Usually, three songs of a kind (rarely four) are played in a row (this is called “tanda”), followed by a short musical break (called “cortina”) to clear the dance floor and facilitate partner changes. Traditionally, each dancer should dance with the same person for the duration of an entire tanda and change partner at the beginning of the next one.